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It was an Honour

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Information, Out n About

Last week was one of those stressful and most intensive week of my entire life. Maybe close to sitting for an exam during those years back in Uni. Late to bed and early to be awake and even a month prior to last week, it was just hectic.

Rex & Serah with Lars Thunell in Tokua Airport

The subject of my stress was the visit of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) CEO & World Bank Executive Vice President Lars Thunell to Papua New Guinea. He spent almost 5 days here which is the longest he has been to any country apart from United States.

Lars Thunell’s visit was to signed an Establishment Agreement with the Government of Papua New Guinea and officially open IFC’s office in Deloitte Tower. Whilst in PNG, Lars was able to go on a trip to Goroko to open a BSP Rual Bank and Kokopo to visit the Digicel distribution network at work.

Lars strikes me as a very down to earth person and whilst he was in Kokopo I introduced him to Mary one of Digicel’s sub-distributors. Mary was able to demonstrate to Lars how EVD works on a phone-to-phone basis. While marshalling Lars around Kokopo market and even having a chat with Mary, he seems very interested in Mary and what Mary had to say regarding the Digicel sub-distributor program.

Lars is not the first VIP in the World Bank Group that I have meet, in 2007 I meet with Paul Wolfowitz who was then the President of World Bank in Singapore during a joint IMF/World Bank annual meeting.

Life is short, and I must say it was an Honour to have meet people like Lars Thunell and Paul Wolfowitz

Rex and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz in Singapore


It was 1:30 am in the morning…… and I have just camped under my tin-roof sacked at Tauram Beach in Port Moresby. Red-eyed from sleep, I rushed to put on my small generator so I can get a glimpsed of Hekari United in action againts Al Wahda in Abu Dhabi. Generator started and my portal TV switched on, I seached to find the correct channel to get EMTV. However, my wired-hanger antenna just couldn’t pick out the signal.

Disappointed, I resorted to text my friends who would be awake to watch the match on TV. Yes… found someone up… Thankyou David.. but no thankyou for the result of 2-0 before half-time.

Balloons deflated, a feeling of disappointment I walked into my little sack and just wanted to get some sleep and forget that Hekari was loosing and quietly hoping that Hekari would come back into the second half and turn things around. Hopefully if I go to sleep and get up in the morning to turn my computer on, i’d get a different result which would have made my entire week.

It was not to be……but one thing Hekari would have gone away with is the fact that they have seen football biggest stage. They would have now experience what is like to be competing againts the worlds best. And to be a force to be reckon with, they need to polish up on their act, play with their hearts and play smarter…

Hekari has made Papua New Guinea proud and certainly all of the Pacific Islands!!!

back again

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Information, Out n About

And so I am back again to my old blog 😥

I had thought moving towards the new site Yu Tok Organization was going to be a great success. And while it was a great success in the initial stages and we had thousands and many subscribers and visitors who visited the site each day, we though we had made the break that we would now launch a successful social network site on NING Plateform.

While this was possible, I didn’t anticipate a minor glitched which turn out to be a major problem. NING Plateform which was suppose to be a free hosting site decided to do a u-turn and start to charge it’s subscbers on the site. Now while it can be beneficial and profitable for some… NGO like Yu Tok cannot afford it as we don’t charge our members either and knowing that our members are also from developing worlds that can’t afford to subsribe monthly to our site.

So here we are, out of pocket and out of ideas and with my tail in between my leg have decided to get back here and reorganised and restrategied and see where I can take it up again. The idea of this bigger and better social network still reigns but all I need now is someone or someway to at least sustain and maintain a social network.

The possibility is still there…..I just need to find a way to sustain it


Dear Readers

I have been neglecting this blog for a long time now…… gosh I can’t even remember when I last posted here.

The reason being that I have been working on a new Social Networking site in Asia Pacific Region. The social networking site is similar to Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, MySpace and the list goes on… What its great about this site… is that it is owned and run by me (yours truely) but also have moderators from over the Pacific Region.

Yu Tok Organization or Yu Tok Social Network is a growing social networking for Young people and those who are young at heart in Papua New Guinea and across the Asia Pacific Region.

The site has the following Features;

  • Discussion Boards
  • Chat Rooms
  • Groups
  • Videos
  • Music Site
  • iMagazine
  • iPaper
  • Games Arcade ( over 200 plus)
  • C31 – our new Partner in our quest for a community TV

From the day that I launced the website and till now here are my stats;

466 members 1557 photos
372 songs 77 videos
103 discussions 63 blog posts

Not to mentioned I have 10, 435 visitors from 59 countries.

And the amazing thing is people are signing up almost every day…..

So if you looking for a place to hang-out with wantoks or friends….. and wanting to create a network and meet people….check the site out.

Helen Samilou, famous for her bravery towards discrimination due to her status as living with HIV/AIDS has been awarded the Papua New Guinea 2008 Award for International Women of Courage. 

This remarkable woman has defied all odds and has come out publicly with her status. She not only told everyone about her status but she has gone a step further by advocating for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and been a role model for many. Another guy, Peter Momo is also doing his part advocating and also warning people to be careful with their life.  


Helen was presented this award by Ambassodor Leslie Rowe in a closed ceremony held at the American Embassy on Wednesday morning. In attendance was Dame Carol Kidu, the first winner of the Award in Papua New Guinea.

Dame Kidu congratulated Helen but was ashamed the government of PNG did not do more for people like Helen and also was not present for the awards ceremony.

My media training class where asked to do podcasting. So what is vodcasting??

According to WikipediaVideo podcast (sometimes shortened to vidcast or vodcast) is a term used for the online delivery of video on demand video clip content via Atom or RSS enclosures. The term is an evolution specialized for video, coming from the generally audio-based podcast and referring to the distribution of video where the RSS feed is used as a non-linear TV channel to which consumers can subscribe using a PC, TV, set-top box, media center or mobile multimedia device.”

So my small class which I have been facilitating for media training armed with a digital camera started to take short clips of them to upload onto youtube as part of their training. But because we there are 10 of them… we decided to make just one video and combine smaller ones together. I decided also to add a few pictures I took on my trips around PNG so it gives a PNG flavor to the video. While the final product was not as impressive…. due to lack of better video editing software… I was able to upload something.

There has been an interesting discussion also on Masalai blog about Government TV and my good friend Badira has suggested that digicams and camcorders would be easily accessible to young people who would produce short clips and make content out of it to be aired on TV. So maybe this is the first step towards such activities….a crash course on social media. 

I was one of the many Papua New Guinean die-hards of soccer at the Loyd Robson oval to watch our Woman National Team take on the might of New Zealand ferns. The winner of the two teams will be representing Oceania at the Woman’s World Cup.

We cheered and screamed and shout to push and support our woman… but it seems they wern’t interested or maybe they underestimated their own capabilities. Our gurls seem to have lost the soccer match even before they took the field. There was no desire in the strikers to run at the opponents defenders. When they lost posession they all moved back and no one wanted to force the opponent to make a move. Now I’ve been to bisini and I’ve seen the PMSA teams play…. I note that, its the same tactic being used.

What is wrong with our coaches? Have they lost vision or even creativity? No wonder we get hammered when we play against Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Why can’t we change the style of playing? Why can’t we start doing the simple things correct by play short passes instead of longer one and not going anywhere? Its really disappointing to note that…. the woman’s team where trying to hit the long balls when they don’t have height in front.

Now… I was glad that we didn’t conceed more than 2 goals… but I am utterly disappointed about the style of play that our clubs are adopting… its just not suiting and not working.  And to top off the disappointment is when our girls stating to play alittle dirty when they where 2 goals down.

What happened to “Fair Play” ? If you where beaten by a better side… work harder and try next time…. its embarrasing already to see them kick the opponents and pull their shirts and not even apologising or helping them off the ground.

Lets be creative… look at the south americans… we may learn a thing or two.

Traveling in PNG

Posted: March 8, 2008 in Information, Out n About, Technology

The youth social media training with MediaSnackers have introduced me to a new site called Animoto. This is site is a place where you can upload your pictures and it will create a video of them. It can also factor in music for your folders so you can have a slide-show of pictures with music.

 Anyway… this interesting site has prompted me to upload pictures of my trips to Manus, Goroka, Wewak and Miline Bay so I can share with people. The short video is only 30 secs long as longer versions will costs a few cents.

 Well, hope you enjoy the pictures!

Okay.. okay… I can’t seem to embed Animoto on wordpress…. so I’ll just make a short video and upload to youtube for viewing.

Laters people

Road Safety

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Information, Out n About
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I had an interesting morning today. Got out of bed… and decided to head straight for work without breakfast… well, thats ma usual anyway. So I was sitting in this bus for going Ela Beach and heading towards down… the bus was going on a crawl and I was getting edggy as I was standing on the door way…. when we reach Ela Beach hotel… it then hits me the reason for us crawling. There was a car accident right there!!

A small sedan had collided with a Large Dyna. An expatriate was driving that small sedan and the driver of the Dyna was from Central. Now the Dyna didn’t have scratches to it but the small sedan….it literally and truely defines “Kar bump”. What amazes me most was that, both drivers were not intoxicated. They were both sober….. so how did they managed to collide??


Road safety is very important…. never take your eyes of the road. Do not answer your mobile phones with driving. There can be many reasons to why this accident happens……. be definately its nothing to do with intoxication. I note that the driver of the Dyna was getting more of an earing bashing so I assume he was at the fault.

So maybe he was on the phone or talking to his passenger or even chewing a betelnut while driving… what ever it is…. he has alot sort out in terms of fixing the victims car.

Happy Friday! Don’t Fly when driving!

PNG Amini cricket team?

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Information, Out n About, Sports

I watched the game between PNG and India last week. This was the first match between Papua New Guinea and India. Naturally, I supported the Papua New Guinea team…. India started batting and made a very big run score…. it was PNG’s turn to bat and made less then 100 runs.

I was utterly disappointed but I guess Papua New Guinea is still learning to find its feet…

I then heard the commmentator making a very interesting comment about how the Papua New Guinea cricket team is filled with the Amini family. It has two brothers playing in the squad while the girls team had family members also involved. It got me thing that, maybe we should just change the name of the team to “PNG Amini cricket team”… anyway.. yesterday, a reader on post courier made a similar remark.

I am not alone!!