Day 1 – Day Trading for non-Day Traders

Posted: December 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Day Trading for Non-Trader

I have decided to do another career change and be a Full Time Day Trader. This has come about after a few months of soul searching and I wanted to do something along where my strength lies.

I studied Applied Econometrics for a Master’s but I haven’t applied anything of what I have learnt intforex3o my career. I sort of deviated from it and started doing something far from what I have given 20 years of my life towards.

So inspired and realigned …….. I want to get back on track after losing almost 10 years of my life doing something that’s totally out of my league.

So if you are interested in Trading Forex and becoming a Day Trader, I hope that I can inspire you as well and write these HUBPAGES for a Non-trader. I have decided to focus my HUBPAGES and write on Day Trading as a Non-Trader in the hope that I can bring value to those millions out there who havn’t had any idea of what Day Trading, Forex, share markets is and wants to start making money on their free-time.

While I write these HUBPAGES, I must point out that I am fully employed as well. It is my hope that by writing these HUBPAGES, I could at least walk through with you the basic principles of Forex Trading.

I hope I could document my success so non-traders can emulate

Cheers to the First Day!!



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