When the Cat is away…… the mice began’s to play

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Citizenship, Politics

Sir Michael Somare returns to Papua New Guinea today!

This is almost 3 months after he was hospitalized and given leave by Parliament to undergo and urgent medical procedure. Whilst Chief Somare was away the Parliament decides that there was a vacancy in the Prime Minister’s post and opted to elect a new Prime Minister. Peter O’Niel was chosen to fill the vacancy.

ESP now has placed a Supreme Court reference questioning amongs other things if there exists a vacancy in the Prime Minister seat and also if Parliament acted out of its rules by voting for a new PM on the same day instead of the next seating of the Parliament.

But Sir Michael arrives back today in the country because Parliament choose to seat earlier than expected. Rather than risked being removed from Parliament for missing 3 consecutive seating…… Sir Michael Returns.

It would be interesting to see what transpires on Tuesday…… obviously Sir Michael would head straight to the PM’s seat…..and I wonder what would happen. Will speaker Nape move him to the opposition??

Only time will tell……..can’t wait for Tuesday!!





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