It was an Honour

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Information, Out n About

Last week was one of those stressful and most intensive week of my entire life. Maybe close to sitting for an exam during those years back in Uni. Late to bed and early to be awake and even a month prior to last week, it was just hectic.

Rex & Serah with Lars Thunell in Tokua Airport

The subject of my stress was the visit of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) CEO & World Bank Executive Vice President Lars Thunell to Papua New Guinea. He spent almost 5 days here which is the longest he has been to any country apart from United States.

Lars Thunell’s visit was to signed an Establishment Agreement with the Government of Papua New Guinea and officially open IFC’s office in Deloitte Tower. Whilst in PNG, Lars was able to go on a trip to Goroko to open a BSP Rual Bank and Kokopo to visit the Digicel distribution network at work.

Lars strikes me as a very down to earth person and whilst he was in Kokopo I introduced him to Mary one of Digicel’s sub-distributors. Mary was able to demonstrate to Lars how EVD works on a phone-to-phone basis. While marshalling Lars around Kokopo market and even having a chat with Mary, he seems very interested in Mary and what Mary had to say regarding the Digicel sub-distributor program.

Lars is not the first VIP in the World Bank Group that I have meet, in 2007 I meet with Paul Wolfowitz who was then the President of World Bank in Singapore during a joint IMF/World Bank annual meeting.

Life is short, and I must say it was an Honour to have meet people like Lars Thunell and Paul Wolfowitz

Rex and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz in Singapore


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