back again

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Information, Out n About

And so I am back again to my old blog 😥

I had thought moving towards the new site Yu Tok Organization was going to be a great success. And while it was a great success in the initial stages and we had thousands and many subscribers and visitors who visited the site each day, we though we had made the break that we would now launch a successful social network site on NING Plateform.

While this was possible, I didn’t anticipate a minor glitched which turn out to be a major problem. NING Plateform which was suppose to be a free hosting site decided to do a u-turn and start to charge it’s subscbers on the site. Now while it can be beneficial and profitable for some… NGO like Yu Tok cannot afford it as we don’t charge our members either and knowing that our members are also from developing worlds that can’t afford to subsribe monthly to our site.

So here we are, out of pocket and out of ideas and with my tail in between my leg have decided to get back here and reorganised and restrategied and see where I can take it up again. The idea of this bigger and better social network still reigns but all I need now is someone or someway to at least sustain and maintain a social network.

The possibility is still there…..I just need to find a way to sustain it


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