Congratulations Helen

Posted: March 14, 2008 in Citizenship, Health, Out n About, Talk Sex

Helen Samilou, famous for her bravery towards discrimination due to her status as living with HIV/AIDS has been awarded the Papua New Guinea 2008 Award for International Women of Courage. 

This remarkable woman has defied all odds and has come out publicly with her status. She not only told everyone about her status but she has gone a step further by advocating for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and been a role model for many. Another guy, Peter Momo is also doing his part advocating and also warning people to be careful with their life.  


Helen was presented this award by Ambassodor Leslie Rowe in a closed ceremony held at the American Embassy on Wednesday morning. In attendance was Dame Carol Kidu, the first winner of the Award in Papua New Guinea.

Dame Kidu congratulated Helen but was ashamed the government of PNG did not do more for people like Helen and also was not present for the awards ceremony.

  1. mangimosbi says:

    She deserves the award.Given the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV/AIDS even among “educated” Papua New Guineans.

  2. Rex says:

    Yes Helen deserves the recognition! But there is also Peter Momo, he is doing something also in raising stigmatation about living with HIV/AIDS.

    One issue that bothers me is that… why can’t these people work together? Why do they always want to do something on their own?? Its interesting… there is always some sort of rivalry in all walks of life… regardless of Good Intentions!

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