Need for Improvement in Women Soccer

Posted: March 12, 2008 in Out n About, Sports

I was one of the many Papua New Guinean die-hards of soccer at the Loyd Robson oval to watch our Woman National Team take on the might of New Zealand ferns. The winner of the two teams will be representing Oceania at the Woman’s World Cup.

We cheered and screamed and shout to push and support our woman… but it seems they wern’t interested or maybe they underestimated their own capabilities. Our gurls seem to have lost the soccer match even before they took the field. There was no desire in the strikers to run at the opponents defenders. When they lost posession they all moved back and no one wanted to force the opponent to make a move. Now I’ve been to bisini and I’ve seen the PMSA teams play…. I note that, its the same tactic being used.

What is wrong with our coaches? Have they lost vision or even creativity? No wonder we get hammered when we play against Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Why can’t we change the style of playing? Why can’t we start doing the simple things correct by play short passes instead of longer one and not going anywhere? Its really disappointing to note that…. the woman’s team where trying to hit the long balls when they don’t have height in front.

Now… I was glad that we didn’t conceed more than 2 goals… but I am utterly disappointed about the style of play that our clubs are adopting… its just not suiting and not working.  And to top off the disappointment is when our girls stating to play alittle dirty when they where 2 goals down.

What happened to “Fair Play” ? If you where beaten by a better side… work harder and try next time…. its embarrasing already to see them kick the opponents and pull their shirts and not even apologising or helping them off the ground.

Lets be creative… look at the south americans… we may learn a thing or two.

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, that IS pretty upsetting to watch our women team lose to an opponent side in their own home ground.

    Hopefully we’ll pull our socks up and do a much better job next time. Well done girls for your efforts in keeping the score as low as possible. 🙂

  2. Rex says:

    Actually, the our ladies played better than before. I was afraid they would get slaughtered by NZ… by they stick to their guns and succumed towards the end.

    But, I believe they should start working on their attitude and maybe change the style of play also.

  3. had to endure many hardships following the earthquake which struck their country in March 2011 , and during which many people lost their lives. The team showed great courage to make it to the final of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup .

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