Road Safety

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Information, Out n About
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I had an interesting morning today. Got out of bed… and decided to head straight for work without breakfast… well, thats ma usual anyway. So I was sitting in this bus for going Ela Beach and heading towards down… the bus was going on a crawl and I was getting edggy as I was standing on the door way…. when we reach Ela Beach hotel… it then hits me the reason for us crawling. There was a car accident right there!!

A small sedan had collided with a Large Dyna. An expatriate was driving that small sedan and the driver of the Dyna was from Central. Now the Dyna didn’t have scratches to it but the small sedan….it literally and truely defines “Kar bump”. What amazes me most was that, both drivers were not intoxicated. They were both sober….. so how did they managed to collide??


Road safety is very important…. never take your eyes of the road. Do not answer your mobile phones with driving. There can be many reasons to why this accident happens……. be definately its nothing to do with intoxication. I note that the driver of the Dyna was getting more of an earing bashing so I assume he was at the fault.

So maybe he was on the phone or talking to his passenger or even chewing a betelnut while driving… what ever it is…. he has alot sort out in terms of fixing the victims car.

Happy Friday! Don’t Fly when driving!

  1. Mangimosbi says:


    The way Papua New Guineans drive, espeacially bus drivers, its a wonder we don’t have as many accidents.

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