Youths in PNG learning Social Media

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Education, Employment, Information, Technology


Young People in Papua New Guinea are taking on a Social Media Course. Thanks to Media Snackers, Pacifikayouth, Youth Action for Change and Yu Tok Oragnization, these youths are being taugh basic media tools via an online training. This training course started yesterday, 13th February and will run for 5 weeks.

The facilitators from Media Snackers are based in Europe and the participants are in Papua New Guinea and Tonga. This is a first time for such a training program to reach cross borders and it defies time difference for young people. It all shows the desire to learn social media by young people.

The program was initiated & organized by Pacifikayouth (formerly Youth for a Sustainable Future Pacifika) who have been empowering Pacific youth for four years through initiatives such as the Pacific Youth MDG Summit in 2005, the Pacific Youth MDG Toolkit in 2006 and advisory roles to key development organizations on youth policy.

MediaSnackers, who are coordinating the training with partners from the UK, Germany and Italy will focus on empowering the participants to think about sharing their local stories to a global audience. MediaSnackers Founder said. “It’s an honor to be involved in a such a unique project. Nothing like this has ever been done before and we’re looking forward to seeing, reading, watching and hearing the content which is going to be produced.”

The program is facilitated through the innovative online learning portal developed by Youth Action for Change who have won several global awards for their pioneering work.In Port Moresby, these enthusiastic youths took to the task in their first course and that was to create a weblog. “I am so excited about this blog course. I want to type and type and write about everyday stuff” says Everlyn. Other media tools and softwares to be taught and be used in the course are;– Skype
– Wikis
– YouTube
– Weblogs
– Flickr
– Podcasting/vodcasting

  1. Mangimosbi says:

    I wouldn’t mind learning how to create wiki’s myself.

    Good idea.

  2. Rex says:

    It is my aim, to spread the learning course to more people after this initial batch. I hope alot more people especially youths can use this as a tool for thier own creations.

  3. Thanks for having us. It was fun!


  4. Emmanuel says:

    Great Work Rex, that’s the way!!!

  5. Noel Mobiha says:

    Rex what a fantastic initiative. Your article on the masalai led me here. Hey I would love to come visit the establishment sometime soon. Please drop me a line. Keep up the good work. With initiatives like this we may find our very own Steven Spielberg in PNG. Keep going forward with your initiative to change PNG. Regards Noel Mobiha

  6. Rex says:

    Thanks Manu 🙂

    Noel…. you are welcome to visit our establishment.
    The training is every wednesday and friday at 2-4pm but unfortunately this is our last week.

    Next week I am planning to teaching basic computing and computer applications to young people. But I would continue with media training…should there be a need on a tuesday and thursday afternoon. These trainings are provided for FREE.

    Let me know when you want to visit and I would arrange something at my end.


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