Danger on Air

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Health, Information
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Papua New Guinea with its geographical challenged landscape has made traveling for its citizens and visitors to the country more difficult. Most towns in Papua New Guinea are accessible only via air while others can be accessed by sea or by road. 

Whilst Papua New Guinean government is doing a lot in terms of road maintenance and rehabilitation to make them roadworthy and capable of handling a lot of load, there are some areas that are still currently being overlooked. However, I’ve drive on many of these highways in the Central Province, in Markham Valley and in East Sepik Province and I find it most heartening to seek road works being done on them. 

It just goes to show how much effort the government is doing in fixing the highways in Papua New Guinea. I also note that most wharfs are being upgraded and worked on.

But what I am unpleased of is that the states of our aircraft have not been improved. I believe its time Air Nuigin get rids of the Dash 8 or get new Dash 8’s. On several occasions, I flew in the Dash 8 to Goroka, to Lae, to Wewak and to Alotau. These areas are major tourists’ attractions. 

Dash 8 have lived its time and it should be done away or replaced with better Dash 8. Why am I complaining?? You would not imagine how much noise the Dash 8 makes, your ear drums would hurt so much, you will start to having running nose etc. That’s a health hazard. The department of health and Civil Aviation Authority should look in to these too. 

I hope the management of Air Nuigini takes note on these and replace the Dash 8 with new aircrafts.

  1. Mangimosbi says:

    Lets hope Inspace are not one of their underwriters.

    BTW, have you heard the one about the Aussie,the Kiwi and the Papua New Guinean Insurance Salespersons at this Insurance Salepersons Conference.

    Well the conference has wound up and they’re all getting on the piss right. So the Aussie’s boasting about they’re life insurance policies being so good they cover you from the cradle to the grave. The Kiwi not to be outdone by his trans-Tasman rival says that his companies policies are so good they cover you from conception to extinction.

    The PNG guy keeps on sculling his beer with a big smile on his face. So they ask him what kind of insurance policies they have in PNG.To which he replies, mate our policies are so good they cover you from erection to resurrection….

    But on a more seriuos note, these Dash 8’s are an accident waiting to happen.

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