Sex In Marriage

Posted: December 2, 2007 in Education, Health, Information, Talk Sex

Why are there so many divorce in Papua New Guinea?? Why are husband leaving their wife or wife leaving their husband? What is the cause for so many break-down in marriage? New couple weds…’d say “wow, this wedding is so perfect, this couple will be together till death do em’ part”. A year or two later….they couple separates and are with someone else. I have been muling over this delima for quite a while now…..

But I have come to a realization that maybe a lot of people in Papua New Guinea do not realise the magic of “Sex in Marriage” for a lasting relationships. I have vow to help young people, especially students to realise the importance of these issues and how it is all connected and inter-locked into HIV/AIDS if they are not carefull and take it for granted.

Anyway, I was reading a few blogs and I came across a message which I believe emphasis alot of message which I have been trying to get across and which I believe holds the key to lasting marriages. So let me cut & paste for you all to read.


Sex according to Pastor Khathide (Ugandan)

A lot of people don’t associate sex with God – they associate it with Satan and darkness, as if sex weren’t holy. The bible is explicit when it comes to sex. Sex is holy within marriage, and there is no prescribed style.  

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the missionary position is the only sexual style.

Not discussing sex in a relationship leads to divorce!!!!!. 

Pastor Khathide has counseled women who’ve complained: my husband treats me as if I were his brother. There was one who told him: I am tired of getting sex fortnightly, like a salary. Khathide told her she was lucky to be getting sex fortnightly, since some wives only get it on big days, like elections.  

Many husbands leave their wives to seek sexual pleasures in Hillbrow. Have you ever asked yourself what those wives have that you don’t. Wives have become very frigid and even sleep with their panties. If you’re a married woman, you should sleep naked and let your bum touch your husband.

Today you find men going out of their way to get a glimpse of a vagina. They page through magazines and even go to lingerie departments in stores hoping to see what’s hidden under panties, because their wives hide it from them.  Marriage is about being free with your body in front of your partner. A woman should parade naked and do some modeling to tempt her husband.

There are many married women who don’t know what their husbands’ penises look like. They only feel it when he enters her. They’ve never touched it, let alone see it, because the husband switches off the lights before undressing. A penis is a wife’s toy – she is supposed to play with it.  He blames couples for not making time for sex and complaining about being tired after a day’s work. You find many couples who’ve been sexually starved for years. God created sex for procreation and also for pleasure. You can’t marry and not have a good time in bed.  


Why can’t you drive home during lunch and have a quickie with your wife?

We’re all equal in sex – it’s not just about a woman satisfying a man. You have to satisfy each other. Have you ever seen a woman who has been satisfied? Have u noticed how she glows and becomes energetic?

May the Lord Bless you. This is the “Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth” so God Help Us From The Beginning.  

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  2. jezz says:

    It’s not really about Sex in Marriage, I would rephrase that by saying Love in Marriage. Divorce happens because love does not exist… cannot be used as an excuse for a divorce or a leeway to having an affair. If one loves the other sex will come when it will and will not cause disharmony when it doesn’t.

    Olsem 2toea tintin blo me.

  3. Rex says:

    Jezz, thats an interesting comment. But how can one keep thier love strong? Most people seem to let their love grow cold thus leading to divorce

  4. Issac W says:

    You must never get married just to have sex. If sex is the reason why a marriage takes place, then the marriage will inevitably end. Marriage takes place because there is love between partners. Sex just comes with the package. Therefore even if the husband, or in most cases the wife does’nt want to have sex, there will be a sense of understanding between the two couples and there will be a strong marriage even if there is no sex. Why??? Simple. LOVE!!! It existed even before sex came into the mind of the two couple.

  5. msmel says:

    Hi the aids epidemic in PNG is actually very bad given the latest figures that were released. One highest contibuting factor is un safe sex. Teaching the younger generations to be able to come to terms with their own sexuality is one way in which they can better handle themselves in relationships.These subject is taboo in our society which makes it difficult to openly talk about it. This mentality has to go in order for us to progress on this issue. By understanding more about their bodies and sexuality then can they appreciate sex, and appropriately place it in the right pespective. Even the older generations also need to freely talk about this issue with their spouces/partners, the article above boils down to what can be expressed between two people who are able to comunicate to each other about their intimate needs and then channeled it in the right direction. Sex is not the only magic to a lasting marriage, however it does play a part. Communication is a major part of ensuring that things are flowing in the right direction in every relationship. There will always be the odd circumstances because we all have our weaknesses but if it is appropriately address it will guarante a lasting relationship. A better understanding of our selves as sexual beings will also help us all make better decisons in this area.

  6. Rex says:

    Thanks msmel
    You are definately correct about teaching young ones about their sexuality and the awareness towards safer sex. I have trial such a few programs in schools around NCD and I have found that students are eager to learn about such things… and most especially coming from a younger person… it gives them the level of understanding as peer and they digested more.

    Even the teachers had to thank me for doing such a thing as most of them feel embarrased and sometimes don’t even wanna talk to thier students on such issues..

    I’ve always believe that “sex Education” is the key to combat HIV/AIDS. Check this link on a past discussion


  7. Nhlanhla says:

    Sex will always strengthen the marriage,it is a most enjoyable game of love in the marriage.There shouldn’t be a dedicated time and place for sex in the marriage,anytime is tea time.

  8. dominic says:

    Hi, Rex has an interesting point. I do agree with him that not enough sex in marraige is why most marraiges break up. Love and understanding are also very important in any marriage – but each person has their own sexual needs and if one partner is not giving in then this can develop into something else.

    Some people have affairs because they cannot get the sex they want at home. Some people have affairs because the sex they get at home is too rigid or boring.

    Sex is one way two people who love themselves can come together and become one.

    Love and understanding does play a huge role in marraige life and sex as I have come to personally understand.

    My wife wakes up very early in the morning at around 5.30 am to fix breakfast. She does the dishes, then sweeps the house, mops the floor, fix the beds, does the laundry, rakes the yard, plant flowers, takes in the laundry, folds and irons the clothese (if required), then goes to the market and store to buy food, cooks the food, serves dinner, feeds the young ones (which sometimes takes a good 30 minutes as they are usually moving around a lot), puts the kids to sleep and does the dishes and sweeps the house. She is finished by 10 or even 11pm. Then I want some attention – by then imagine how tired she is. But wait… her “job” is not finished yet. I also want some attention too!!!

    So this is where love and understaning come in. I have learnt since to help ease her load. I try to be a partner and helper instead of the boss.

    Just some personal observations I thought I should share.

  9. lily says:

    thanks to all this comment it is quite interesting to read all this comment about sex in marriage..i like the comment added by jezz thanks alot…it is true when the is no real love then something much wrong someway. if someone married just because to satisfy himself with sex i don’t thats real love…they is so many ways in marriage that to show your partner that you love him or her…not just sex….
    so what happens is if you love anything let it go if it comes back to you then it was mend to be yours but if it does’nt then i don’t its yours…

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