Halivim Wantok Disaster Appeal

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Citizenship, Information, Out n About


Today, we are launching a national appeal the Halivim Wantok Disaster Appeal (the Appeal) to raise funds from corporate sector and the public at large for the Halivim Wantok Disaster Fund (the Fund) that will support disaster relief and restoration activities in Oro province and other affected areas in the wake of the catastrophic floods.

The Appeal is being launched today and will run for the next three weeks. The Fund will act as the collection point for both corporate and public donations.  The Fund will then disburse the monies collected to the most effective entities that are assisting the survivors of the Oro floods. 

The Fund is intended to have minimal administrative and overhead costs – most of these will be borne by in-kind support of corporate donors (eg. Toll-free numbers donated by Telikom PNG, advertising space donated by print media and radio stations, accounting services will be donated, etc).

The Fund will be kicked off by corporate donors and then public contributions.  It is intended that corporate donors with points of presence around the country will also agree to use those points of presence as collection points (eg. Telikom business offices around PNG, bank branches, etc) and employees of those companies will also assist in the fundraising drive. 

Governance of the Appeal and the Fund

It is important the fund be overseen by a Governing Committee that lends credibility, integrity, transparency and experience to the fundraising process.  It has to be a Governing Committee that the public at large has confidence in to make sure that their donations get used effectively to help the people. 

The Governing Committee will be chaired by Sir Rabbie Namaliu.  A former Prime Minister and a person of impeccable integrity and standing, both in PNG and abroad, and will lead the Governing Committee. 

If you are from a company or a group that wishes to make a donation, or if you would like to assist the fundraising drive, please contact either of the following –
Executive Director, Anthony Smare
Mobile: 6837531
Executive Officer, Michaelyn Iewago
Mobile: 674 4630
Postal Address:
P.O.Box 851
Port Moresby  NCD
Papua New Guinea
Halivim Wantok Disaster Appeal
24 hour Toll-free number:

Telephone:   18003999
If you have money you wish to deposit, please deposit into the following account at the ANZ Bank

Bank:                    ANZ Bank
Account Name:     “PriceWaterhouseCoopers – Halivim Wantok Disaster Appeal”
Account number12916791

  1. Mangimosbi says:

    P2UIF are also hosting a fundaraising concert at Sioni Kami Memorial Church on Sat 1st December 2007 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

    Tickets are on sale at the Gate:
    Adults – K5.00

    Students & Children – K2.00

    There will be sausage sizzle,drinks and other food items on sale.

    You’re all welcome

  2. Rex says:

    The fundrainsing will go towards the flood victims in Oro I pressume!!!

  3. Mangimosbi says:


  4. Michaelyn says:


    Much appreciated; thank you for taking the time to put this information up. We should have a website up and running by tomorrow – www. halivim.org

  5. Rex says:

    Hi Michaelyn
    Its great that a website will be set-up. I hope you can also include online donation also in the web-page.

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