Real Competition

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Education, Employment, Information, Out n About


What is competition?

Yesterday, I was walking downtown and I came across two street vendors selling top-up cards. One was selling prepaid cards for b’mobile and the other flex card for digicel. They both sat together and was doing their business without even an argument and it just prompt me to write something about competition.

 Competition (according to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia) is the rivalry of two or more parties over something. Competition occurs naturally between living organisms which coexist in an environment with limited resources. For example, animals compete over water supplies, food, and mates. In addition, humans compete for recognition, wealth and entertainment. Competition can be remote, as in a free throw contest, or antagonistic, as in a standard basketball game. These contests are similar, but in the first one players are isolated from each other, while in the second one they are able to interfere with the performance of their competitors. Competition gives incentives for self improvement. If two watchmakers are competing for business, they will lower their prices and improve their products to increase their sales. If birds compete for a limited water supply during a drought, the more suited birds will survive to reproduce and improve the population. Rivals will often refer to their competitors as “the competition”, and the term competition can also be used as to refer to a contest or tournament. 

Now consider the current “Mobile War” between Digicel and Telikom, Digicel has truly lived up to the definition of a competitor by heavily investing into its marketing strategy and be a player in the mobile industry. They have practically gone down to the lowest level in the community to involved street vendors.

The funny thing is, Telikom is not trying to compete at all, they only want to sit-back and protect their investment. This poses a threat as they may be over-run by a bigger competitor who is moving with momentum. When face in such situation, Telikom should not sit-back………they need to also compete thus looking to invest more and invest strategically.


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