Is death an option?

Posted: October 24, 2007 in Citizenship, Health, Information, Talk Sex

Following the newspaper article about the husband ripping the baby off the wife’s womb….here is the respond from Mr. Ju the husband. It was on today’s courier.______________________________________________________________________________

She deserves to die: Hubby

ALLEGED wife beater Robert Ju says his traumatised wife, Toy Molly, is lucky to be alive.

Ju said the 20-year-old woman survived death, as the offence she allegedly committed warranted outright killing. Ju claimed the pregnant woman was one of two women raped at Kudjip tea plantations where her seven-month-old unborn baby was killed.

“She is lucky she’s still living today. In such cases (when a woman commits adultery or has been raped) she is axed to death and tribes go to war,” he said.

But she maintains Ju killed the baby by ripping it out of her womb.

Ju explained that in the Highlands custom, women, pigs and land were the major source of tribal conflicts as they remained valuable assets for a family or tribe. He claimed his partner had committed a terrible offence which was locally punishable by death.

But Ju says he was a good man who had forgiven his wife for her “crime”, adding he would welcome her back to live with him once she was discharged from the hospital.

However, Molly said she would live with her grandmother as she faced death.

The fugitive said the woman had initially provoked the beating and it was unfair for the police and community leaders to target him.

Police say Ju is still on the run and reiterated their call to villagers for co-operation in apprehending him to face charges.


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