Why is GreenCom in shades?

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Information, Technology

Now that GreenCom is ready to play soccer, it be good now. I was trying to look up GreenCom on Google but I couldn’t locate them on the web this was earlier in the year when Digicel and Telikom was playing football.Anyway, my search ends today as I finally found Greencom on the web. But ……the website is incomplete!! Oh……and to add to that, GreenCom is offering services to UK only. But wait……GreenCom website says they are based in Ireland. Isn’t Digicel based also in Ireland?? I’ve always thought that GreenCom is an Indonesian Company. Maybe I should do a search on GreenComNow my nose may be stuffed or something but my mind is running crazy at the moment. Just last week

Pangtel accuse Digicel of illegally using Greencom’s mobile spectrum. Digicel and GreenCom did a joint statement that there was no illegal use of the spectrum. So if the owners of are from Ireland, could it be a coincidence?? Maybe they are owed by the same person or family or something??

Here is a link to check


Any so we will really have a mobile competition in Papua New Guinea at last

This is confusing now. I’ve always though that there will always going to be a mobile competition and the Government was NEVER going to throw Digicel out of the country. But Sir Mekere Morauta question Hon. Arthur Somare why the Government is doing a U-turn and letting Digicel stay.Am I the one confused here or is Sir Mekere Morauta the one confused??

What I understand is that, there was never an intention by the Somare Government to do away with Digicel but to only give Digicel an OPERATOR license and not a CARRIER license. The carrier license should be owned by the STATE and Telikom is the sole CARRIER. B’mobil, Digicel and GreenCom are all OPERATORS using the Telikom’s gateway.



Here is the correct link on GreenCom. They are an Indonesian company and not from Ireland. Here is something about GreenCOm


As a new Telecommunication Firm in Jakarta, GTI has been working as a full telecom services in Indonesia from 2006. GTI specializes in Operator and Telecommunication Industry. With professionals staff and we combine with overseas experience and good skill.

GTI is dedicated to excellence in telecommunication, management and quality services and shares the commercial philosophies of the business community. To provide full services to the Indonesia and PNG markets, fulfilling the needs of communication, growth thru profitable partnership. We believe that everyone is a customer, learning to become a good business, analytical services, fun and friendly, we are your contact point to coordinate all activities from inception to occupancy. The strengths we offer to you include:

• Well experienced management team, depth knowledge in telecommunication industry
• Strong Implementation Team and well experience in heavy competitive market
• Proven experience in core and non-core GSM architecture
• Own Engineering and Design Center
• Own the expertise of construction and GSM network operation
• Strategic partner with local key person
• Committed engineering and planning team
• Expansion capabilities to other related telecom business such as value added, WiMax and data center
• High knowledge in convergence IT and Telecommunications expertise


GTI’s has GreenCom Ltd as subsidiary company. Awarded by PNG government on GSM Mobile license in August 2006. GreenCom PNG Ltd will operate as a GSM Operator Company and it’s expected to be launched on 2007 in Papua New Guinea. GTI’s staffs are trained to become Leadership, confident, optimist, resilient and responsible. This ensures that informed decisions will be made throughout the planning process. GTI will assemble the necessary team of professionals from a variety of disciplines to carry out the business.

GTI’s has JTC or Jogja Telepun Cerdas as subsidiary company. GTI partnering with Indosat Starone CDMA that deploy CDMA network in Jogjakarta areawhich. The service has launched in Q4 2006 and started to get customers in Jogja.

GTI business expansion also in wireless broadband access by offering affordable internet access to residential in Jakarta. The service plan to launch in may 2007. GTI also enhance the service by having internet portal http://www.greencom.co.id as one stop solution for wireless internet access, content and IT solution.


Everyone is customer
As a new corporate with another line business from Mother Company, GTI sees itself requires worthless transition. Telecommunication becomes increasingly challenging every time. The development of advance technology and more complex business entity have involved the way people think in telecommunication process. Everybody has become a good leadership to makes their own confident, optimist, resilient and responsible with their jobs and their client or customers. Open minded with the new business environment and competition. Makes advantage for costumer, employee satisfaction, GTI trying to makes long term relationship with everyone even customer and other company, makes them comfort and prosperous in the business.

Fun and Friendly
This culture make GTI are trying to make our environments are enjoyable, working togetherness and make a good team work to doing all jobs with mutual respect.

Keep learning
Every single person in the world has to be learning about them self from the environment to increase the knowledge. Working and praying is the important one that will give us the best result. Expansion oriented to become more a good person and brave to take challenge for the goodness.

Our way of life in the global competition has to appearance us to become creative by bringing ideas that lead to several innovations to build a dynamic business strategies to achieves our goals and to make a life.

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Rex, better check that again, I’m sure I was told that they were an Asian company and not Irish???

    I think I’ll pop into their office and ask. (there website has not been updated yet, http://www.greencom.com.pg/)

  2. Rex says:

    True Manu
    I think I should check again. It’s funny as there is not website for the company. So I’m wondering if GreenCom is operating in another country also or not. If they are not….what experiences do they have with mobile industries..

  3. dreamzmedia says:

    Hey guys,
    Do you know when they are launching their services here? I’m sure I picked it up somewhere that they would get into full swing by late October….

  4. SCG says:

    Their office is located in Boroko East China Town. Just for infor. Hope their serivce will add to the color Telikom and Digicel displaying. Will it paint PNG green ???

  5. Rex says:

    It will be great having a competition. But I am really keen to see if the governtment can pulled it off.

    That is having a “Competition under a monopolised structure” It’s very interesting for me as an Economists.

  6. Joe Kredick says:

    Well PNG,
    competition increases efficiencies, quality and effectieness in any one economy. The market force decides the price of the product being produced.

    The gov’t must know that fact. Whick interest the somare gov’t are saving ( people or his family)?

    Pikinini PNG.

  7. Rex says:

    There are 2 points here.
    1. Competition is good…..but it is only good when yu have many (not 2 or 3) people operating in the economy. Oligopoly (2-3 people selln) is also a risk…they can colloborate to up the prices if they wanted to make profit. That is why Government must be in control in such small economys like Papua New Guinea.

    2. I understand the Government is out to serve the interest of the People….and I firmly believe they want a nationally owed company….so all the revenues will stay in PNG instead of going outside. If only Digicel is a locally owned company…..the government will not restrict them to mobile service only.

    At the end of the day…money must remain back in PNG soil!!

  8. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. San says:

    I am wondering when Greencom will start its rollout in PNG. Can’t wait as Digicel is almost done with the PNG Geography…
    I guess, they (greencom) are still waiting for their first lot of money for the rollout.
    Good on you guys, Digicel is going…cope up or stay behind…


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