Petition Against Family Violence

Posted: October 7, 2007 in Citizenship, Health, Information, Talk Sex

Post Courier on Tuesday 2nd October reported a most bizarre story I’ve ever read. It was a case of most horrific inhumane behavior a human being (of which I am ashamed to call myself a human) could have ever done.

The story of a man beating his wife, putting his hand through her genitals and pulled out the baby. He then proceeds to pour hot water into her genitals and later forced her to go to sleep. I could not imagine the extent to which human beings can bring themselves to but this has sparked calls by various women groups and leaders to make a petition to the floor of the Parliament.

Let us all wear balck to work on Tuesday when Dame Carol Kidu presents her petition to the floor of Parliament.

“The second Post Courier article of today’s edition, also attached, recorded some of the reaction from the public condemning domestic violence,etc This incident is not an isolated one. There are many women and children out there who suffer this daily. As part of the need for the community at large to be informed of this cancerous behavior, and, which must be rid of, Minister Dame Carol Kidu, will be petitioning Parliament on Tuesday next week for proactive action to be taken against this sort of abuse. It has been proposed that a limited number ( as many as the parliament gallery will allow ) of people, men & women wearing black be in the gallery when Dame Carol is presenting the petition.”

Notes to the Petition:The Petition in relation to Violence against Women & children to be presented in Parliament on Tuesday in Parliament. It will be published on Monday’s Post Courier.

  1. That there is a general, pervasive feeling of dismay and helplessness about the increasing levels of violence in all sectors of society, particularly violence within the family which should be a safe haven for all people – women, children and men.We remind honourable Members of some recent horrific crimes : last week a young pregnant woman was repeatedly beaten by her husband who then forced his hand into her vagina and ripped the unborn child from her womb – she may survive but psychologically and emotionally she is scarred forever; three weeks ago a woman was chopped to death by her husband in Gordons market watched by Security Guards – nobody helped and now she is dead ; a few months ago a young girl was reportedly raped by 30 men; in November last year Josephine was tortured for days – burnt with hot stones etc etc by her husband and died after this horrific ordeal; recently an innocent woman was attacked by her drunk husband who chopped her left wrist causing it to hang off. As she reached out to hold the chopped wrist the husband then slashed her right elbow cutting off the main tendon and nerve system then slashed her across the right shoulder blade also cutting off the main tendon. She is now unable to go to work and is unable to feed herself nor do anything as the injuries sustained have disabled her for life.Sadly, these horrific crimes are occurring on a daily basis somewhere in PNG – many of them are never recorded and never reported but we all know they are happening.
  2. We, as concerned citizens, acknowledge that governments over the last ten years have made significant progress with legislative and policy reforms in the social sector but we are concerned that the implementation of these reforms needs far greater commitment from both government and civil society.

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that:

  1. The problem of violence in families and society at large be treated as a matter of national importance by this, the eight National Parliament, and we call on each Member of Parliament to make a personal commitment to advocate against and take action against violence in their electorates, particularly violence against women and children.
  2. The government provides the necessary financial and technical support to complete the work presently in progress with the drafting of the Family Protection Bill and for each member of this Parliament to provide leadership to ensure that the citizens of this country have their rights protected as stated in our Constitution, laws and international agreements.
  3. The government forms partnership with key stakeholders including ngos, faith based organizations, business community, educational entities, relevant statutory government authorities and donor partners to ensure affirmative action against violence.
  4. The government provides resources to enhance the capacity of responsible government agencies to implement existing laws to protect women and children.
  5. The government establishes additional facilities and improve existing Family Support Centres to provide care and support to women and children who experience violence, abuse and exploitation.
  6. The government institutes a register to record all instances of family and gender-based violence at hospitals, clinics and care centres run by non-government organizations and churches to be used as a basis of planning preventative and support measures.

And your Petitioners, as in duty bound will ever pray.

  1. pngwoman says:

    I am a young woman and mother of PNG. I cannot imagine such an animalistic act upon our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Such cruelty and heartlessness to our woman is intolerable. My prayers are with you Lady Kidu and all the women and men that support this cause. I will surely be dressed in Black this Tuesday as we did last year with the rest of the PNG women in the workforce and streets in Port Moresby.

    What has happened…(I can’t even pronounce).

    What will happen to the men who are doing this? or to the women who are doing this to other women?

    As a mother of my only child, a beautiful girl, I hold her closely at heart and think of all the victims of unmanly, unruly, animalistic behaviour to our women and children.

    please do keep us posted.

    pngwoman (india)

  2. Meripng (New Zealand) says:

    As a Papua New Guinea woman studying abroad. I am sadden to read everyday on the local newspaper stories of rape, murder and violence against women.
    When is this brutally going to stop. Please stop blaming culture, because if our forefathers saw what PNG men are doing to our women and girls they would be ashamed and humiliated as that it not what a tru PNG men does.

    I will wore black on Tuesday and I will on Thursday, but am praying for the day I will not have to wear black.

    Em tasol

  3. Rex says:

    Yes……we are all in Black on tuesday (my darkest not black). Dame Kidu tabled the petition and it was received by all members of Parliament.

  4. illaine says:

    I remember a while back, late 90s when they had that SP brewery had that 30min screening of family violence that was caused by alcoholism. I remember it used to run on EmTV. Can anyone remember that?
    I think NZ’s “FAMILY VIOLENCE: its not okay ” campaign is a good example of a good public awareness campaign. Whilst we may not have the funds to carry out a large and extensive campaign I think the petition is a great way to start!
    I strongly believe that the next step should be to have an ad campaign and to set up an organisation that deals specifically with family welfare. That’s if we don’t already have an organisation that deals with that

  5. Kathleen Hendrick (Derby - Australia) says:

    I am so disgusted by the acts of cruelty, not only to women, but children, grandparents, brothers, sister the society as a whole. Acts so violent cannot be tolerated and accepted but I think it has been for many years accepted by generations that it was part of the culture. Now everyone needs to be educated that violence in any manner is not right, not acceptable and that the country as one must also speak in one voice and say no to violence against any humans and even threats of violence. It saddens me that women don’t seem to have much freedom to freely speak, and the concepts of a women’s place is in the kitchen and should not be heard as label all females in PNG as the family labourer if not that then slaves. It is true that the government of PNG should set aside funding for promotion and education on FAMILY/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT OUR WAY…. Clearly stating the differences between culture and violence…. What is acceptable and what is not…. I give praise for those of my wantoks working towards minimizing the impact of violence against every human being and family pets.

    Thank you.

  6. Elijah Kilis says:

    Law enforcement agencies must strictly enforce family laws and make sure those who break them must be brought to justice. The courts must impose tougher penalties on them…..

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