Is Papua New Guinea really on a Break-through in Technology?

Posted: September 28, 2007 in Education, Information, Technology

Accessing Broadband Internet via HF Radio has stirred a lot of interesting companies in Papua New Guinea and the World. Interest in the new technology has given Telikom the run for its money especially with the looming competition with GreenCom and Digicel.

A good friend of mine pointed out something that arouses my interest so I decided to share with you my readers. So what’s that curiosity about?? It’s about JINDALEE!! Let me quote this article

“Australia is using a sophisticated new radar network that can detect stealth bombers, curb illegal immigration and spy on neighboring nations from at least 3000 kilometers away. The $A1.8 billion Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) has taken more than 30 years to complete but is now undergoing final trials. JORN is designed to monitor air and sea movements across 37,000km of largely unprotected coastline and 9 million square kilometers of ocean. It is being used to cast a security shield across Australia’s remote northern approaches without the high cost of maintaining constant maritime and air patrols.” View here

So can you see my line of thoughts yet?? Not quite??…..Okay……here are some more…
“JORN is the front-line of Australia’s wide area surveillance capability and is likely to remain so for at least the next two decades,” Mr. Ric Smith, Australia’s Secretary for Defense, said” View here

Still not seeing where I am coming?? Here is the last one
“The Jindaleee Radar System was a great example of the Australian ability to think outside the square. Scientists concluded that if the bomber could not be detected, perhaps the turbulence it makes passing through air could be. While standard radar sends a signal along line of sight until it bounces off a target ship or aircraft, Jindalee bounces signals off the ionosphere, which lies above the stratosphere and extends about 1000 kilometers above Earth. The signal then bounces down onto its target.” View here

The Broadband Internet via HF Radio uses the IONOSPEHRE to bounce of it’s signal as in my earlier posts……the Jindalee Radar System also uses the IONOSPEHRE to bounce of its’ signal. So if we can develop the system and build our communication network using the proposed project, Papua New Guinea will be looking to match Australia in its security effort.

But the only difference will be the cost. We can build the protective shield to detect stealth bombers for only $1.8 million while Australia’s is $1.8 billion…of course….there may be other infrastructural costs as well….but I’m just being safe here.

So can Papua New Guinea move forward now??? I hope so!!

  1. Nettie says:

    I love it man……just thought of it, real space engineering. I enjoyed reading the latest posting on the yutok blog. are we at threat already? with the bombing. And if we are, and have this system implemented, what course of action can we take when we are ‘under attack (lol)? Like all other resources, we have many, though funding lacks, and now that we have the technology to do so (ourselves…funding is the next issue), but the bottom line from what I gather from your piece, our countrymen are truly moving forward and upward on top of just being informaed or updated. I see your vision…of what can come of our country in general with technology and eventually play with the marketing here too…..

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Lets build it and show the world what we can do!!!

  3. Rex says:

    I don’t see money as a problem for PNG. I’m sure we can get money easy for such things. The only thing is to get leaders committed for development.

    We are not under threat….but one can never be sure. It’s always good to be aware of security issues especially with recent terrorism activities. While PNG may not be a target yet……PNG must have a system in place for Surveillance of our borders. Illegal fishing, illegal entry into our country now is causing a huge problem. Someone says “Failing to plan is preparing to fail”

    We should start planning for the unforseen!!

  4. Nettie says:

    Yeah, i guess you’re right, funding is not much of an issue. and yes, there is a lot of money lying around…..and there’s also the convincing to release funds…which I’m sure you’ll have no problem doing with your passion for this project. I am so excited about this whole thing. How many of you working on it? It’s like Project management, marketing, electronics, physics ………i can only imagine how much fun your having right now on this one.

    When you used the word surveillance…….did you mean that like….in a monitoring system sense? cos, yeah, if you’re making the most of space and science, that is quite cheap and well worth it. …… you say it’s Mr. Amai, that’s come up with this tech as in, plannin, designing….and has been tested…the satellite radio thing? The man power you require as in brain power or hands and fingers? give me a sec, am going through the site again….

  5. Goober says:

    i think that PNG is doing pretty good lately but i dont know

  6. Rex says:

    Lets just wait 3 months and see 😀

  7. satbir says:

    dear sir
    I want to know about skylink tech broadband interent,it rare and its radition,are effect the our human health, body mind and how many %effect our life

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