Broadband Internet via HF Radio

Posted: September 19, 2007 in Citizenship, Education, Employment, Health, Information, Out n About, Politics, Sports, Technology

Last time I posted something about accessing Email on HF Radio. Well, things have now changed. No longer can you just access email on HF Radio but you can also access broadband internet via the HF Radio. You can surf the net, watch TV, do Video Conference and so much more. This is all thanks to the Brilliance of one Papua New Guinean, Wilfred Amai.


Wilfred who owns Skylink Technology is putting Papua New Guinea at the Top of the World. PNG has now an alternative to satellite dish. Gone are the days of satellite, gone are the days of cables. PNG will go wireless and be the FIRST in the World to access Broadband via HF Radio. It is just as similar as using Email on HF Radio, but the only difference is SPEED.It is a thousand times faster and you can download a 34Mbytes data less than 3 seconds and the speed is increasing. He is working on developing the speed to reach Giga bytes per second. It seems impossible at first but Wilfred as discovered an innovative NEW technology that has been PATENT in Australia. No-one can copy his work.So the war is brewing now, as we have just made a presentation to Telikom and already Digicel is calling for another presentation.More to come!!


SKYLINK Communication Limited is an IPA registered 100% Papua New Guinean owned company specializing in the research and development of innovative Communication Systems.

The main vision of the company is to develop and market a cheaper and more robust communication system that is user friendly and as an alternative to existing systems of telecommunication. The company derived its inspiration from the fact that PNG’s geographical and topographical setting rendered telecommunication in PNG very unreliable, ineffective and costly.

Rationale of behind the use of Ionosphere
The ionosphere is the upper most part of the atmosphere and is ionised by solar radiation. This gives ionosphere its property to refract radio waves such as short-wave. When using High Frequency bands, the ionosphere is utilized to reflect the transmitted radio beam. The beam returns to the earth’s surface, and then be reflected back into the ionosphere for a second bounce. The ionosphere in its sense acts as a satellite for Radio waves.

Ionosphere at 300km in the atmosphere will refract HF communication signals carrying large amount of data in real time improving on delay effects experienced by geo-stationary satellites at 36 000km.

The present invention relates generally to a data transmission system and in particular to a system for transmitting and receiving data at very high speed over a standard wireless HF communication link. Although HF radio frequency data transmission systems have been in existence for many years, no one has yet found a way to transmit large volumes of audio, video and data content in a real time, high speed environment. What that means is that this new invention can now enable people to send and access large volumes of data (through the internet) cheaply using the HF system everywhere, including rural areas.

This high speed communication system has also been developed to ensure the security of data communicated through the network, whilst redundancy has also been built into its systems so as to maintain uptime as much as possible.

Redundancy means having alternate routes for data traffic to be routed in the event of the default route malfunctioning. Redundancy also means having backup power in the likely event that main power goes off. It means building ‘intelligence’ into the network to enable it to automatically adapt to failing data traffic routes without human intervention i.e. the use of routers with automatically updated routing tables constantly determining the next best route.

In terms of compatibility, this communication system is compatible with all standard internationally approved equipment. This allows all types of computers and peripherals to be connected to the network. In fact, the system has been initially trialled in the presence of PANGTEL in January of this year, 2007, to ensure that it complied with regulatory standards of the use of the HF channel and that it didn’t interfere with other commercial users of the Radio Frequency Spectrum in any illegal way.

The trial involved downloading a 22 megabyte file in approximately 20 seconds using a narrow channel standard HF frequency at around 4.920 MHz. This translates into a speed of approximately 9 or 10 Mbps. This is more than 3,000 times faster than a commercial HF data transmission system. That is because commercial HF Data communication systems are only known to be able to work at speeds of up to around 24 kbps at the most. Apart from government and corporate dignitaries, there were also technical specialists from PANGTEL and other HF communications companies present at the trials to verify the system.

  1. popol says:

    Rex, how is the war btwn Telikom and Digicel going?

  2. dreamzmedia says:

    This is by far, the best news I’ve heard for a while…. Not only the idea of having broadband connectivity (and I suspect it would be more readily available to the Joe Blogg off the street), but also to learn that another Papua New Guinean is leading the charge into this technological development.

    I will closely watch this space.

    Wanbel, Rex.


  3. Rex says:

    Its gettn interestn now. With the new technology that Telikom is going to place….it will have a comparative advantage over digicel

  4. Rex says:

    @ sja
    Yes…..I am tryin as much as possible not to give too much info for fear someone may steal the concept. But I will let yu know the latest developments.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Guys this is brilliant…Awesome! Rex maybe in the meantime tell us abit more about Wilfred…

  6. Wanna Be says:

    A friend of mine told me about a Manus bloke who was doing something similar. Is that him?

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Guess what I’m thinking also is how Wilfred wants to position his company in the PNG market and well the region as well?

    1. Is he trying to be an ISP?
    2. Does he want to sell his technology to Carriers and gain an income from his registered patent?
    3. Or does he want to become a carrier himself?

    I love new technology and I love it when I hear stories like this, but regulatory regimes will always have to be worked around. Sounds like you guys are talking to the right people so good luck and please please let us know when we can get cheaper faster internet.

  8. Rex says:

    Hi Manu
    I believe thats what we are helping wilfred to do now. To position himself to be a major player in telecommunication in PNG and the world. Skylink is at the stage where they will rent the technology to Telikom and also be an ISP plus a few more things. But a clear line will be spelt out so that Telikom will not interfere with Skylinks activities..

  9. wanskul says:

    Thanks for that info Rex. I met Wil sometimes at Unitech and he talked to me about it this new technology. Such a close friend, classmate, but I moved away and wondered where he is. I remember one thing he told me in class one day at Unitech. I would like to design something that is out of this world, new invention so we are not seen as menders, but inventors. I would support him all the way….

  10. Rex says:

    Yeah…its amazing what people dream to do…..and set thier minds on achiving their dreams! Wilfred is also thinkn on developing fuel cells for clean energy usage….but we will have to get this project off before he ventures into something else .

  11. dreamzmedia says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. And I am just too proud to know that another country man is doing this.

    Now, I noticed on the Skylink site that there’s mention of VOIP. Telikom is already battling Digicel on the mobile phone front. Don’t you think Telikom would see this as another competition for them? Especially with their landline network?

    Lets say (theretically) that once Broadband internet becomes easily available over HF Radio, and as more people sign up for this, they will obviously want to subscribe to a company that is offering VOIP service for cost effecient telecomunication service? Telikom would obviously see this as bad for business, don’t you think???…


  12. Rex says:


    I don’t see any competition here. Telikom will be a partner to Skylink to use this technology or they will rent it from skylink. It all depends on the arrangement between the two parties. Skylink can be a carrier of its own and compete with Telikom but I think it will be too much of a hassle given the stand-off between Digicel and Telikom.

    There is already an agreement in principle and paperworks now being done to sort the deal out with Telikom and Skylink. Telikom will greatly improve thier service and network with this new technology


  13. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for the updates Rex, this is definitely getting exciting. And Full Support to Wilfred!!!!

    All I can say is just be careful who you trust, especially with government run monopolies. Policies can change overnight so get your contracts to be water tight.

    If Wilfred can afford it get a good lawyer who understands the ICT industry thoroughly especially within the Pacific region.

  14. JOe says:

    This is really exciting. Papua New Guineans should not wait for other companies to invest in them…they shud start doing their own thing and I am pleased dat a national company is doing that.

    Rex I hope you are helping Wilfred in this as I can already visualize the gains Papua NEw Guinea will have when this things get off the ground.

  15. \\Carlos says:

    Nice Job man, keep up the good work, can’t wait for the whole roll out phase.

  16. bbs says:

    Thanks Willz, can’t wait to see this thing get off the ground. Have heard about since 2004 and finally you’re getting somewhere. Keep up the good work.

  17. maienduo says:

    My experience of using Broadband Internet via HF Radio while volunteering in Malaita SI is great.

    It’s easy to set it up. It’s still fuctional now as I still communicate with other volunteers at Atoifi Malaita.

  18. Griespisy says:


    VIAGRA, CIALIS, PHENTERMINE, SOMA… and other pills!

    Welcome please:


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  19. Raula Kula says:

    Wilfred, great work man…. just don’t let the money hungry hogs after you… cheers and let me know if assistance is required..

  20. S P Nesai says:

    Wil, this is good news, I got the URL from David Mitchel and got in to see what ur up to,,, thanks man, its one of a kind, great work and congrats, contact me for more chat on 6410818 or 6502156. We will try to carry on from where we left.


  21. Rex says:

    Oh Wilz is workn round the clock on this also. I can’t comment on the progress yet as I’ve been asked to sworn to secracy on this 😉 😉

  22. Joan says:

    Dear blogger,

    It is really of my interest how it is possible. I have to say to you, that physically exist a lot of limits that u cannot simply overpass, and it seems that it is not possible to use HF channel, with all the world standards agreement, due to this simple equation:
    as you well must know this equation.
    HF is a link that uses a broadband of 3 kHz. Now, do your own calcules.
    If you could send me a website or a link, that verifies your news, I will say nothing, otherwise, I have to say that it is a fake.


  23. Rex says:

    Thats Nyquist theorem! You are definately correct on that point. 😀 😀

  24. Slade says:

    Hi There,
    I work in the IT/Communicatiosn field on a ship at sea. I have much experinace with HF radios and would be very much inclined to agree with Joan. Not to say this technology is impossible, but based on the facts available its hard to believe. However, having said that, if skylink has indeed come up with the technology I would be very interested in seeing it work.


  25. Sleepy says:

    Nyquist Sampling theorem was published in 1928. Back then they were samping only sinusoidal waves. Nowadays we have data i.e. squarewaves. The technique described by skylink’s sampling theorem naturally suits square waves. Just as Euler’s number is to Natural growth and Fibonacci numbers for natural spirals. Trying to describe the spirals of the Milkyway without using Fibonacci is synonymous to using Nyquist to sample data. No wonder all these years they could never get high speed on HF 😀

  26. Scarburner says:

    This is very interesting. I saw a demonstration/presentation by Mr. Amai at Gateway (14/11/08) and am very impressed. This technology has the potential to create a communication network that covers the whole of Papua New Guinea and probably the world without the need for expensive equipment.

  27. SepikMangi says:

    Any word on the status of this? This would revolutionize our ability to serve the bush villages as communications seems to be the biggest issue we have.

  28. hinn says:

    Any updates on this, was it a scam?

  29. Hooked on HF says:

    I would also like to know if this was hogwash. Considering HF is a half duplex medium and we only have a 3kHz bandwidth to play with I fail to see how you send 22M file in 20 seconds. What distance were they transmitting? HF has habit of fading throughout the day and would require a change of frequency at some point. Doing a propagation prediction on PNG there is no way you could use 4.920MHz the whole day.

    I’m probably rambling to nobody as this forum looks dead. Plus I think it’s a load of xxxx

  30. Fttrbxhk says:

    I’d like to open a business account Ls Models Underground >:-((

  31. Ujvuuqwd says:

    Do you know what extension he’s on?

  32. Vbxzqoid says:

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  33. Josephine Renatta Bessie says:

    This is incredible.

  34. ISmellaRat says:

    I smell do do !!! If its patented then he would release the information.

  35. Abbas says:

    Hi Rex,

    What are the updates on this Technology? Is it possible for you to connect us with Wilfred so that we can acquire his services?


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