5000 Hits

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Information

I’ve reach 5,000 hits today!!

It’s been one roller coaster ride for the blog. I know I have not be getting as much discussion as I would like to but the fact that I was able to reach 5000 in such a short time is quite an achievement in itself.

Visitors to this blog will noticed that I have added a few extra pages for Awards & Scholarships, Job Opportunities and Upcoming Events. It is hoped that I can be able to provide information to my readers about such activities so they can use it to help themselves or to pass to thier friends. I do understand that most people do not have access to computers and to internet most especially, but I am able also to update them in a mail-out concept of IRP.

IRP = Information from Rex Paura and its a sometimes lists that I publish and mail to those in my address book. Of over a 1000 people in my mailing lists….only 3 have requested to be removed from it…so I consider it as a success.


Blog Stats

Total Views: 5,033

Best Day Ever: 157

Views today: 92


Posts: 24

Comments: 107

Tags: 14

  1. mangimosbi says:

    Congratulations on the milestone Bro,

    I hope it takes a shorter interval to reach 10,000 hits

  2. Rex says:

    I hope so too. It’s always harder to get over the first hurdle.

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