History Created

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Citizenship, Information, Politics

Papua New Guinea has created history when the National Alliance Party lead by it’s party leader Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was elected as the eight Prime Minister for Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea has never had a Prime Minister who served the full term and also to return from the election victorious to form the new government. With the re-election of Chief Sir Michael Somare, it is leading the country towards a new direction.

Political stability has been created and that will translate into so many tangible benefits for the country. Hopefully, we could also create stability within the Ministries and the former Ministers taking back their ministrial folios. Political stability is the roadmap for investor confidence, it creates confidence within the economy and that gives a positive outlook of Papua New Guinea.

Politics plays an important part of the economy, as it decides for the people who best we should use the resources and skills we have in Papua New Guinea together with the advance in technology. Prime Minister when annoucing his Care-taker Government says he is “determine to accelerate the process of bridging the infrstructure gap in the next 5 years’, this is a sign of a committed leader and are sure that Grand Chief Somare will keep his word.

He has already proven that he wants competition within the Mobile Communication which sees Digicel, GreenCo and B’Mobile all having a carrier license. Despite so many critics, Papua New Guinea has had a very successful elections and continuation of the Government.


Mr Speaker, Members of the Eighth National Parliament.First of all, I congratulate every member for being elected to the 8th National Parliament.

And Mr Speaker, I congratulate you in your election as Speaker for another term.

On behalf of the National Alliance Party and its coalition partners, I humbly accept the decision of the people’s representatives to be Prime Minister again.

The National Alliance Party wishes to thank the people of Papua New Guinea for their confidence in mandating the Party under the law to continue to govern. The country needs stability and continuity to progress. The mandate we now collectively have is founded on the people’s desire for certainty.

The Party went to election and won a total of 27 seats at the poll. And since the return of the writs, 14 Independent Members of Parliament have joined the Party. As the Parliament meets for the first time today, the National Alliance Party has 41 members out of the 109-member Parliament. And out of the 20 provinces in the country, 19 have Members of Parliament who are members of the National Alliance Party.

Mr Speaker, our people have spoken. The National Alliance Party translated the mandate from the people by signing the Warangoi Agreement individually with 12 political parties. And together 13 political parties signed the Warangoi Coalition Accord on Friday 10th August 2007. The Party also recognizes 3 other political parties and has secured understanding with them. Two parties will merge with two coalition partners. And one has committed itself to support the government.

Mr Speaker, over the past 5 years we have experienced what would happen when we work together in the interest of our country. Papua New Guinea experienced economic growth that is unprecedented. This experience will be used to achieve even greater heights over the next 5 years.

Mr Speaker, this coalition government was formed in East New Britain. All four electorates in the East New Britain Province were involved in its formation. Members of Parliament and their support teams were accommodated in the Kokopo, Rabaul, Gazelle and Pomio electorates. The individual Agreements were signed in Kokopo Town in the Kokopo electorate. And the Collective Agreement was signed in Warangoi in the Pomio Electorate.

Mr Speaker, this is an example of what could happen if we link our provinces with needed infrastructures. Inspired by this, I am determined to accelerate the process of bridging the infrastructure gap in our country over the next 5 years.

Mr Speaker, this is the second time that National Alliance had received the invitation to form government. On receiving the invitation to form government from the Governor General this time, the National Alliance Party further extended the invitation to its coalition partners. Today I am happy to once again lead this large but manageable coalition government. It is made up of seasoned leaders and fresh, energetic, young and articulate leaders. We will not only lead and govern but we will also prepare leaders for tomorrow.

This coalition government will use the next five years to build on our collective achievements to move our country forward. Every citizen, investor and genuine friend is part of our development team.

We will work with all Members of Parliament to deliver services to our people.
We will guard the sovereignty of our country.
We will help all our neighbours wherever we can.
We will use what the world offers to benefit our people and our country.
We will do all these and more with the help of our people and our friends.

Mr Speaker, I now announce the formation of the caretaker government. Members of the Caretaker Government are:

1. Hon Gabriel Kapris – Transport and Civil Aviation, Defence and Fisheries
2. Hon William Duma – Petroleum and Energy, Environment and Conservation, and Justice and Attorney General
3. Hon Andrew Kumbakor – Education, Housing & Urban Development, & Inter Government Relations
4. Hon Peter O’Neill – Trade and Industry & Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology
5. Hon Michael Ogio – Correctional Services, Community Development, Health & Mining
6. Hon Don PombPolye – Works, Public Services, Culture and Tourism,
7. Hon Puka Temu – Lands and Physical Planning, Education, Labour and Industrial Relations & Internal Security
8. Hon Patrick Pruaitch – Treasury & Finance & Forestry
9. Hon Paul Tiensten – Agriculture & Livestock, Foreign Affairs and Immigration & Bougainville Affairs
10. Hon Arthur Somare – National Planning & Rural Development & Public Enterprise, Communication & Development Corporation
I will be Prime Minister.

The Warangoi Agreement and the Warangoi Coalition Accord will form the basis upon which the Cabinet will be constituted over the next few days.

Thank you Mr Speaker.

Parliamentary Leader – National Alliance Party


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