9 year old Rhain Davis off to Manchester United

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Citizenship, Information, Sports

RHAIN Davis went to Manchester in pursuit of his dream. Yesterday he was the toast of all England.

The nine-year-old Australian boy came to the attention of soccer giant Manchester United after his grandfather sent the club DVD footage of him.

The Sun newspaper already thinks highly of his prospects, promoting him to the front page, his story read by 10 million people.

The story was then detailed inside Britain’s biggest selling newspaper on pages normally reserved for serious news – pages four and five.

“Wonder kid Rhain Davis was signed by Manchester United after stunned scouts viewed a DVD featuring his mesmerising skills,” it said.

By the fifth paragraph, however, the Poms had already begun the groundwork to claim him as their own.

“And the good news is that he could one day play for England as he has a UK passport through his mother’s side,” it said.

The extraordinary treatment from The Sun is unprecedented for a boy so young.

The front page lead hailed Rhain as a new Wayne Rooney, revealing his skills have been posted on YouTube and claiming they had already been seen by more than three million people.

The video footage uploaded shows Rhain has already perfected the samba-style stepover, popularised by Man United superstar Christiano Ronaldo, as well as displaying a tight control of the ball almost unheard of in a player so young.

Rhain’s talents have also spread to clubs beyond Manchester United.


There is a pool of talent in amongst young Papua New Guineans throughout the country. Consider Marcus Bai as example or Toea Wisil to be another one. They were discovered in the rural areas and not in the main city of Port Moresby. If only we can get scouts out to the remote areas and watch these kids play…..you’d be amazed how many of them make it in the big league.

  1. Rex says:

    I got 10 video comments in less than a day when I posted this video on Youtube. It’s amazing how this kid has been able to develop the media buzz.

  2. Ms Dee says:

    Hey Rex,

    I know you’re a soccer fanatic and all but honestly this is manical and outrageous, how dare they try to sign up a 9 year old kid…he is a kid, meaning he has the right to grow up normally and not be subjected to the pressures that professional athletes are. Not to mention the fact the health risks in having a kid train at such a level ( the boy has not even reached puberty).

    I am surprised that his parents allowed him even going to the UK and allowing the club to begin ground work to sign him up. This is a baby we are talking about. His age alone should defeat any such prospect at least until he’s 14 or 15 years old.

    On a brighter note, he is an excellent player, I am totally impressed and theres no doubt he has the potential to be right up there with the best of them but I still think he needs to wait until he’s older to play or even be considered by any professional soccer club.

  3. Rex says:

    @Ms Dee

    I am sure, his parents know all this information before making a switch to living in England. He will be in an Academy and will not be playing professional football until he is matured physically and mentally.

    He will still get an education and live a normal life like all other kids. But what makes it special is that, it will all be paid for and he has got a carrer already waiting for him.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    Sigh!…Makes me wish I was young again……….

  5. Rex says:

    I got over 8000 hits in two days and 23 comments just on this kid……amazing.

  6. Spowf says:

    wow….ive heard ‘stories’ that somehow this is what happened with David Beckham as well? But that could’ve been a rumour….anyone got any feedback to dispel my doubts?

    For some reason, if this kid loves soccer then thats great. But on the other hand, does anyone think that his parent/s have pushed him into this thing ….

  7. Rex says:

    Not his parents….it’s his grandfather.

    Mind you…..soccer players make more money than anyother profession in the world.

  8. I really liked your blog with the Man Utd mention.
    I try to follow as much Premier League football news as I can from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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