PNG National Election

Posted: July 11, 2007 in Citizenship, Information, Politics

Election in Papua New Guinea has gone down to the counting stages. While most of the electorates have started counting, there are a few that have yet to count. There are a few minor hiccups thats delaying the counting. Reports also has been the the Hela electorate do not want to part with their ballot boxes.

 In the National Capital, counting has officially started yesterday. I was on the road yesterday afternoon to interview some of the voters who voted in the Moresby South Open Electorate.

It seems that Dame Carol Kidu is getting the vote for most people in the electorate as confirmed that she is leading the count after 9th ballot boxes. After her is the happy Gardener and George Lavari.  With the Regional seat, Huma Rights Lawyer, Powes Parkop is in the lead ahead of businessman Wari Vele and Sir Mekere is leading in the Moresby Northwest electorate.

Dame Carol Kidu and Marie

  1. grauch says:

    Thanks Rex for the election update.

    It is very encouraging to hear views from the people on the ground. I think more of this should be done through blogging to inform the international community of what is happening in PNG.
    Liklik tingting tasol

  2. Rex says:


    Thanks 🙂
    Here are the updates on NCD: ast of last night.

    Powes Pakop – 4100
    Wari Vele – 2136
    James Melegepa – 1257

    Noresby South
    Dame Carol Kidu – 3859
    Justin Tkachenko – 1804
    George Lavari – 1690

    Moresby North-east
    John Kaupa – 1497
    Caspar Wollom – 776
    Andrew Mald – 752

    Moresby North-west
    Sir Mekere Morauta -5811
    Dickson Micka – 1729
    Miria Ikupu – 1166

  3. badira says:

    Thanks for the update Rex. Great to see fine leaders off to a great start.

  4. Rex says:

    Yes thats so true.
    I would never have any other candidates from Moresby apart from those who are currently leading the race.

  5. rodney itaki says:

    hey rex, nice yutube clip. more please.

  6. Rex says:

    There is one I wanted to upload. But because I used a digital camera that could record only 180secs, I have to look for a video program so I can join the short video’s and make a 5 minute one.

    If yu have adobe premier, it will help me alot.


  7. rodney itaki says:

    Sorry Rex, I don’t have that software but definitely would like to gets my hands on a good video editing software.

    However, I have downloaded some free video editing softwares from and have used them to edit and put together short clips recorded from a digicam.

  8. Rex says:

    I am downloading Ulead Video Studio to try it out

  9. Emmanuel says:


    We’ve got Adobe Premier here. Send us an email and I can give you a copy. BTW, great You Tube clip, that’s what I’d like to see more of, grass roots voices.


  10. Emmanuel says:

    Oh and note how our brother in the You Tube clip refers to Lady Kidu as mother, mama etc…a true sign that she has connected with her electorate.

  11. Rex says:


    Thanks for that. It will help me to edit some of the video before I upload them up to youtube.

  12. Rex says:

    Yes….some of these people call her mama “mother” throughtout the interview. And it will be interesting to hear more of their voices.

    I think….thats what i will be doing from now on….interview people on the streets about social issues and have them uploaded. In this way, people can hear pleas straight from those who are living and experiencing it.

  13. rodney itaki says:

    Hey Rex, that’s a great idea.

  14. Rex says:

    Thanks Rodney

    Emmanuel promised me Adobe Premier so I will put that into good use.

  15. Marie says:

    hey beautiful people,

    Mi wanbel stret lo displa website….gives me an opportunity to view and know what is going on in PNG. I was working with Rex when we started but am now a bit far….but will join the team again when I return….

    Rex you a doing a great job na mi wanbel stret bro….and to all the contributors….I am very happy to see you in this program

    Tumbs up…

    Cheers, Marie

  16. Rex says:

    Konichua Maria

    Hows Nippon??

    You eating noodles and drinking sake?? Bring some when you come.

    Ja Mata

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