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Posted: July 3, 2007 in Education, Information, Talk Sex

There are alot of youth organizations around the world that is taking up the challenge of airing out youth issues and fighting for their voice to be heard. Some of these youth organizations specificly target certain social issues while others are broad in nature. Some of these youth organizations are donor fundered while others operate for a profit.

Yet…all these youth organizations have one thing in common. And that is to advocate for the rights of young people. Rights that are agreed on by member countries in the UN Charters and Conventions. Some of these groups are Global Youth Coalition on HIV/Aids, Taking It Global and even international organizations like World Bank and United Nations have their own youth section with their department.

Now when I did a posting on Sex Education….I sent a link to GYCA http://youthaidscoalition/ so young people visiting GYCA website can also visit the Yu Tok Blog. Well, I got a quite few visitors and some of those visitors wanted me to write something about their activities. One particular oranization, Youth Coalition wanted to invite me to a Pacific Training. This training is about Youth Sexual Reproductive Rights and it will be staged in Fiji early November 2007.

The interesting thing to note about Youth Coalition is that, unlike most NGO youths they actually have an office and have staffs that are working on contracts. Their office is based in Canada, have a full-time staff on contract and most amazingly…they have annual reports. Now talk about being organized for a youth group…….but thats not the end….they also have sponsors and some of their sponsors are Ford Foundation, Dutch Government and anonymouse donors.

Youth Coalition stands for the following values and principles:

  • Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights, and therefore apply equally to young people.
  • All human rights are universal and must not be limited on the grounds of conflict with religion, culture or tradition.
  • Sexuality and sexual expression are integral parts of the personal identity of all human beings, therefore applying equally to young people.
  • Youth participation is essential to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights programmes and policies address the needs of young people.
  • Young people have a valuable contribution to make to society and must be given a voice in all policy and decision-making processes which is recognized, respected and incorporated.
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights information and education are vital in safeguarding and promoting the life, health, and well-being of young people.
  • Sexual and reproductive health services are vital in safeguarding and promoting the life, health, and well-being of young people.
  • All women, irrespective of age, have the right to medically safe, legal and accessible abortions.
  • The sexual and reproductive lives of young people must be free of coercion or the threat of violence.
  • Funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights programmes must meet the needs of all young people.

Now if you don’t believe me…..visit the site yourself and see it.

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Rex, do you think you could get some money from them for the radio station? Sponsorship etc??

  2. Rex says:

    Thats the plan…..I am going to speak to them and see what they can be able to do to help with the Radio Sponsorship

  3. open-minded says:

    Rex, I wonder if anything has been done to help make people in this country come to accept homosexuality and lesbianism.

    Homosexuals and lesbians in this country find it very hard to confront and accept their sexuality because it seen by many as sinful and immoral.

    I know our culture and Christianity forbids homosexuals acts and relationship, but I think homosexuals and lesbians are human beings and deserve to live the kind of lifestyle they want to live.

    People say that homosexuality and lesbianism is wrong and homosexuals and lesbians are sick in the mind, perverted and deserved to be punished. People blame homosexuals and lesbians for who they are. But I don’t think homosexuals and lesbians should be blamed for who they are. There may be many reasons why people are attracted to their own sex and these reasons are still controversial, but as far as I know a lot of homosexuals and lesbians are born that way (just like heterosexuals are born the way they are). So we can’t put blame on anyone.

    Homosexuals and lesbians should not be blamed for who they are. If there is anyone to be blamed, it is God because God made each and everyone of us the way he wanted. And if God wants someone to be homosexual, so be it. If God doesn’t want them (because of their sexuality) then He is not god. Homosexuals and lesbians may as well find another God to worship, another God that accepts them the way they are.

    But I don’t think God hates homosexuals and lesbians, because he made them the way he wanted them to be. And if God can accept everyone, why can’t we, the people of God accept everyone, regardless of his/her race, sex, education, talents, sexuality and sexual orientation?

    A lot of Papua New Guineans are homophobic, probably because of our culture and the introduction of Christianity, which forbids homosexuality and lesbianism. I wonder if anything could be done to make people more accepting and tolerant.

    Homosexuals and lesbians have nothing wrong with them. They are human beings just like you and me. They can be lawyers, accountants, criminals, policemen, engineers, shop assistants, typists, singers, doctors, window cleaners, pilots, nurses, scientists, sports person or bartenders. They can be friendly, aggressive, ugly, pretty, fat, short, slim, tall, black or white. They can be anybody. Homosexuals and lesbians are just normal people who work for their bread and butter and pay tax to the government. They are not different to anyone. They are just attracted to people of their own sex, that’s all.

    And if their homosexual behavior doesn’t pose threats to anyone, why should we be homophobic and say that homosexuality is wrong? If two women or men love each other, there is no way anyone can deny that, even if it’s just a fling. Their attraction for each other will not affect anyone else, yet we are homophobic and say that such attraction is sinful and immoral and degrading.

    People need to be more open-minded and accept the fact that there is variation in sexuality, just like there is variation in cultures, physical appearances, skin colour etc. One can be homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual, just like one can be white, brown or black.

    Because of negative attitude of our society, a lot of homosexual/lesbian youths are suffering and crying silence because they can’t be who they really are. Some of them even blame themselves and hate themselves for being who they are because our society makes them believe that they are bad people.

    I hope PNG will one day accept the fact that homosexuals are lesbians are just normal human beings and deserve to be who they are.

  4. Rex says:

    Open Minded

    PNG has a long way to coming in terms with homosexuality. I had meet and know a lot of people who either are bi-sexual, gay or even a lesbian. They have very strong views of their sexual orientation. However, culture and to a larger extent religion has played a major part in exclusion within PNG society.

    I do not think that God created people this way, I believe that people become this way because of individual choice. They decide to be a homosexual because the same sex is what they can related to easily. Much of their choice is decided during thier childhood and sometimes it’s genes and hormones that helps their decisions.

    A boy in his childhood may not have a musculine role to identify with when grwoing up. This distorts his sense of identity and picks up the identity that may be at present. When he grows up he does whats logical to him and find a male partner as people usually marry those with”interlocking neuroses,”. is a good place to read further on this discussion on how homosexuals and lesbians occurs.

    It terms of acceptance into PNG there needs to be alot of work done to change the mindset of PNGeans. There are people out there for fear of discrimination would not want their sexual orientations be made known. Maybe in time when PNG will recognise homosexuality but for that to occure….much work needs to be done.

  5. open-minded says:


    Thanks for your positive and open-minded response to my post. I do understand that much work needs to be done to change the mindset of PNGeans so that homosexuality can be accepted and recognized.

    There is one thing in you reply that I disagree though.

    You said that you did not thing God created people this way. I will digest this with an open mind because I am not very religious myself. Perhaps strong Christian homosexuals will disagree with you, but I will just let it pass.

    What I disagree on is that you believe that people become homosexuals because of individual choice. Yes, this may be the case for some homosexuals. But not for me. I strongly disagree on that, because I am a homosexual and I never chose to be attracted to other men. Perhaps for me, it was because of hormonal imbalance when I was in the womb or genes or whatever it is…but I never chose to be attracted to men. It is innate. Something that comes from within.

    All my sibling are heterosexuals. I am the only one who is a homosexual. Yet we were all brought by the same parents, in the same household, in the same environment and interacted with the same people when we were kids. We were taught the same things by our same parents at about the same time in our lives and we were being fed the same kind of food when we were growing up. We were being exposed to the same things and we all experienced the same kind of life as children. How can that explain why I am homosexual and they are not. So for me it’s NATURE (and not NURTURE). I’m sure strong Christians will substitute the work NATURE for God. That was perhaps the reason why I used God as the reason behind all things.

    So let me rephrase your statement and instead of “people become this way (homosexuals/lesbians) because of individual choice” lets say that “maybe some people become this way because of individual choice”.

    I have to rephrase this (your statement) because it doesn’t apply to me. I discovered one day years ago that I am attracted to other men. And I hated myself since then. I never wanted myself to be attracted to other men. I hated myself and and CHOSE to live a faked heterosexual life. But that life still can’t change my attraction for men. Because like I said before, it is innate.

    Now talking about CHOICE, I’d like to say that, yes I can choose to be who I really am and live a homosexual life, or I can choose a pretentious life and live a faked heterosexual life. I can choose the kind of lifestyle to live, but I can’t change my attraction for men. That’s a fact. I’m talking from a homosexual’s point of view. If I live a faked heterosexual life, it is like being a mammoth and pretending that I am a possum. For me, my attraction for men is something that I did not choose. Someone or something made that choice for me. I never liked that choice but I am trying to come to terms with it and accept the person I really am. It’s probably due to my genes or hormones, maybe. But I per se never made this choice. It’s just like, take you as an example, you never made the choice to be attracted to women. You just happen to be attracted to women, right? In much the same way, I just happen to be attracted to men.

    So for me it was never a choice. Maybe for some homosexuals, yes. But never for me. I guess for you it was never a choice as well; you (as a heterosexual man) just happen to be attracted to women.

  6. Rex says:

    Open Mind

    My friend, I believe I made note also that homosexuality is also a gene thingy apart from an individual choice. Maybe I didn’t elaborate further on the genes as I am not a medical person. But homosexuality occurs sometimes through an abnormal hormone changes. This is possible and is present in alot of women and man also. I’m not a doctor of medicine so I can’t elaborate futher on this in techical details but generally genes are those factors that causes the hormone imbalance.

    In Papua New Guinea, homosexuals are afraid due to discrimination and stigmatization so they are not so open about their sexuality. However, people around them know what is happening as they see them almost everyday. The place where I live……there are at least 2 homosexuals….everyone knows about them. But, they just leave them to themselves. However, there where times that some people actually had a fling or two with those two homosexuals.

    Now in Port Moresby alone……there is evidence of homosexuality within a certain population. I have meet a few of these people and thou I don’t share their preferences….I have to accept them as they are because they are also humans and have a right to living.

    So why does PNG still not coming to terms with Homosexuality? The simple reason is Papua New Guineas have yet to embrased changes through development. We are afraid to leave our comfort zones…and if something out of the norm arises…..we quickly hide behind the banner of culture to curse it.

    And I guess the partner in crime of Culture banner is religion. Thats what we like to say…”em ino culture bilong yumi’ thats the only position we hide behind and using religion and God as an excuss…..yet we are so unreligious..

  7. open-minded says:

    Thanks for your comment, and I agree with you that people are too afraid to leave their comfort zones and so hide behind the curtain of culture and religion.

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