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On Air

Posted: May 5, 2006 in Information, Technology

So we finally get to go on air live!!

Jenny, Alotau “I thank the young people for taking up such a tasked in helping other youths and appreciated the World Bank for initiating such a wonderful program”.

This was the moment that we have been waiting for so long! To go on Air! To speak out! To tell the whole country that we are human beings. That we are equally important as an adult in the affairs of this country. That we are willing and would like to be involved in decision making process and to be consulted on the issues that may affect us.

Hooorrrraayyyyyy!!! It feels so good!!

But hey…..what are we going to talk about on air?? Should we talk about how my day went yesterday?? Or should we talk about what I had for breakfast last tuesday?? Maybe we should talk about why I always get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep.

But who would want to listen to me talk about me?? Guess no one would.
I know, lets talk about current events happening in our country. Lets talk about issues that may affect us directly or indirectly. Maybe have a youthful aspect to it and see the issues from our view point. Oh….I think thats a really great idea….

And also…..why don’t we invite callers to call into the show and give their comments on the topic of the night?? Hmmmmmm??? I think that would work. We initiate a discussion and get callers in to give their views on the subject. Yes……that would definately work.

Should we give a token of appreciation to our callers??? Maybe not so much of an appreciation and not to all callers (we might not have anything left to give) but only to a random selected caller each week. Great!! Lets give him a Yu-Tok T’shirt …

Wow…..I am so excited, time flies…….see you next week!!