Role Models

Posted: March 16, 2006 in Citizenship, Sports

Role Models: Yu Tok’s first tasked was to inteview young people on the street. Ask them about role models and hopefully with their consent have their voice on air. It was an effort to encourage positive message amongst young people and a good way to do that was to see who thier role models where and how their role models influence their life.

Now don’t get confuse with my avatar on the profile section. I admire Legolas, and I really wish I was him in the movie “The Lord of the Rings” He just seem soo…soo…..unreal!! But he is not my role model here. If I do go on about my role model……it’ll take most of your time and I must also add that Legolas is very acurate with his bow and arrow and also has an eye like an eagle……..right so why am I still bragging about Legolas?? Lets get a move on shall we,

Quite interestingly, a few young adults has mentioned that their role model is their father.

“My father is my role model because he is a very humble person. He is slow to react when confronted with aggression and always sets an example for me to follow. ” -Robert, 25

But I guess sometimes, you need to specific. Some people have multiple role models. One role model for Rugby League, one for soccer and etc….. In actual fact, Robert has another role model in the form of Rugby League superstar Andrew Joey Jones. That influences his life for a while trying to find his place in playing rugby league but sadly he has to return to soccer!

Anyway….there are people that we look up to as an example of how we behave and how we chart the course of our life. These people are always in the forefront of our mind we when make decisions……….they may not be many……..but at least there is someone we admire because of their character and their values in life.


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