So we begin

Posted: July 6, 2005 in Citizenship, Information

So we tried informercials for a month. And to start that off, we need to introduce ourselves in case the listeners get a shock of their life wondering….”who the hack is on air…talking about God knows what!!”

Yu Tok Group after recording informercials at the studio

Hi I’m Rex. I am from Port Moresby and with my friends I belong to a group of young people that collect your voice to be put on the Radio. Your opinion is important.

Hi nem bilong mi em Watete. Mi wanepla bipo actor. Singaut bilong yu em bikepla long harim bilong mi.

Hi I’m Marie, I’m a Uni student. Our radio program is for you the young people of PNG.
Every month we go out and collect your opinions and air your voice, your views about what it is to be young in PNG.

Radio program bilong mipela em bilong yupela ol yanpela b’long PNG. Wanwan mun mipela save go aut long kisim tingting bilong yu na autim long Radio.

If you want your opinion to be heard on Radio. Call Yu Tok on 321 7111 or e-mail us @ Yu Tok, that is

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Is this a University Radio?

  2. […] particularly interested in the ‘So we Begin‘ post, something to do with broadcasting your opinions on radio. I wonder if this is a […]

  3. Rex says:

    No it’s not. It’s a Radio Program that we run and piggy-back on a big Radio Station such as NauFm and Fm100.

    Yu Tok Program is usually run on Fm100 and it uses the talk-back format.

  4. grauch says:

    Great work guys!

    plis do keep us posted….


  5. Rex says:


    Will try as much as possible to keep it interesting

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